The Elevating Leaders Virtual Summit

Please watch the recap of the 2020 Elevating Leaders Summit

Document: Small Group Worksheet

Video: Growth Mindset by Learner Lab

Website: Using the Choice Map to move from judging to learning mindset

Learning module: Learn why a growth mindset is important

Overcoming challenges together

Document: Small Group Worksheet

Mental Wellness Resources

Financial Management Resources

Imposter Syndrome Resources

Document: Small Group Worksheet

Article: Greta Thunberg wants system change – here’s how that works

Academic Paper: Understanding Culture Clashes and Catalyzing Change: A Culture Cycle Approach

Framework: Community Cultural Wealth

Leveraging mentors and sponsors

Download: Compiled Q&As from Scholars and Group Facilitators

Article: The Importance of Mentorship

Webinar: Mentorship and Social Capital Webinar by Ali Reza Punjani from Mentor Collective

TEDx Talk: The Power of Mentoring